New brakes that squeak

I have a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD pickup - front disc rear drum. Rebuilt the entire rear drum and e-brake setup and replaced pads and rotors up front. When the truck is cold the brakes work very quietly. When warm there is a sqeak when the wheels are turning, until I turn the stearing wheel or apply the brakes. It sounds like it is in the front wheels. Any ideas?

I had a front left squeak about 8 months after new brakes, brake guys checked the brakes at first complaint, then 7k miles later, no brake problems. I got the squeaking every time I put on the brakes. 2 years later (still squeaking every time I hit the brakes with no other symptoms) the front wheel bearing went out, and squeaking was related to the front wheel bearing it seems. I was on vacation at the time and the mechanic suggested replacing the other front wheel bearing in 2 to 4k as it was a little sloppy. Hope that helps.

If the brake pads and rotors up front are new, and the sound does not occur during normal driving (while you are not braking),then you have no problem.

Sorry I may not have been very clear. The squeak is present and annoying the heck outa me until I apply the brakes or turn the stearing wheel… and all it takes is a light tap of the brakes to quiet the noise. As soon as the foot comes off the brakes, the noise comes right back.

Did you do the brakes or did a mechanic? Were OEM parts used or aftermarket?

If I had to guess, I would look at the wear indicators first and the lack of the anti-squeek lube.

Did you replace (or at least reuse the original) anti-squeal shims? This is the most common reason for squealing after pad replacement. Another reason is forgetting to clean and lubricate the sliders the calipers ride on.

Did someone bleed the brakes after the brake job???

I did them but perhaps I didn’t apply enough anti-squeek lube. I will take the front wheels off, clean and re-lube. Thanks tons