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HHO Generator

I use an HHO generator on my '93 Chev Astro (4.3L, pre-vortek, throttle body) with astonishing gas savings and no problems ever. I installed similar unit on neighbor’s '92 Chev pickup (V8 350, carburetor) and after just a few miles (maybe 10?) now engine is hard-starting, rough running, stalling, and check engine light is lit. What do you suppose has happened here? I need a decent answer soon, as he’s a little miffed now and is much bigger than me. Help! I’m sure it’s something simple I’ve overlooked, perhaps having to do with differences between carb and throttle body? Also, O2 sensors should not be an issue with pre-1995 engines TRUE/FALSE? - - - - Mark

I’d give a decent answer, but any response I’ve tried to come up with is either very sarcastic or asterisk-y. Maybe one of the other local experts can take a shot at it.

Actually, just a thought - why don’t you call the guy that sold you the water generator? You did get contact info from him, right?

What device did you buy?

Since you have given us no clue what you actually did, we have no clue what you broke. My advice is to simply remove everything you installed and hope his Chevy goes back to the way it was before.

Wrinkledoggi has all the usual signs of a SPAMER. New profile with no information in it, all messages supporting the water-gas SCAM.

Simply put the laws of physics (Conservation of energy) clearly state that these things can’t work. If they did you would see all kinds of news stores on it, as it is the only news stores are pointing out that it is a SCAM.

I think he should stick around and post in all these watergas spam messages we get. If more and more people hear of this horror story, they’ll forget about it.