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Hey looking for sec. Opinions on a Susp. REPAIR

Hey guys and gals, im a bodyman …10yr. Exp… anyway…roomates 03 4dr civic 1.7l …front right…changed lower cntr. Arm and lower ball joint…like 2plus monthes ago…then about a month after that repair I know spring and the strut should I’ve been changed but the kid who is paying for the parts said don’t worry about it I told him that something bad could happen I’m at the point where now you should do it cuz everything is out blah blah blah kid didn’t listen so month later the axle snaps get the car towed back to the side garage and it wasn’t him in it it was a girl and her kid and we are all mad at this kid but anyway that’s besides the point so I replace the lower ball joint pressed it in the same lower control arm because it took a hit but didn’t then from what I can see remind sperience I know you can always see slight bends but its okay…i got a whole new McPherson stut/spring assy. Andba new whole front right axel right into drive train… so I put everything together the tires on the car are shot… told him he needs an alignment ASAP and I wouldn’t drive the car more than 10 miles here we are a month later finally got used tires and rims and the rims are actually aftermarket 15 inch not stock 14 still looking for a lug nuts to work on this thing anyway…
There is a clicking noise not constant…when you turn or drive straight… the steering wheel is about 11:00 to drive straight obviously needs an alignment and it’s going to get one once these tires go on there but this clicking noise is kind of like a loud click it sounds like it’s coming from the front right and it sounds like it’s also coming from the middle of the car sometimes underneath behind the tranny and drivetrain my question is do you think it’s the axle I mean I installed it right just from the car being so out of alignment and the tires being so worn on every side and a little better on one side but why is it clicking happening every so often and not consistent it’s consistent as in you know 5 to 10 clicks every 3 minutes I don’t know obviously kid Island tell you my advice so I think what’s happening is the parts are getting stretched because the camera is positive I can’t tell the tow by eye but…any opinions… [axel came greased]

And thw rotors are shot too

How about proof reading the mess that you wrote and add a period at the end of sentences.

Maybe then someone can understand your questions.




Are you asking if it is possible that the new axle is making the clicking noise you are hearing? Or if there is something else that could be doing it?

Then yes. It could be the axle. Or it could be something else.

If the front suspension is tight, then nothing should be “Stretching.” If there is play in parts or connection joints, then things could feasibly be moving enough to cause issues.

It might be time for you to stop working on your friends car and tell him to go somewhere that has an opinion that he may actually listen to.

Second thread , just as incoherent as the first.

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Is the owner of the civic somehow blaming you for the axleshaft breaking?

This car sounds like a mess, and my advice is to stop working on cars like that

And also stop doing business with people who can’t pay for proper repairs

For what it’s worth, I’ve run into aftermarket axleshafts that are just as bad . . . or worse . . . than the old one I’m replacing. From the sound of it, you may have gotten your hands on some bad parts