Car clicking transmission?

2012 Honda Civic here, 109K miles, new to me car.
I’ve been having some shaking issues on acceleration, the entire car would shake so I replaced one cv axle and all engine mounts. I have yet to replace the other cv axle, but here is where the problem lies.
If I jack up the front end of the car, so the wheels are off the ground free to move in the front, then get under the car and turn the wheels I hear a clicking coming from where the axles connect inside the transmission. NOT where the joints are but literally inside the transmission.
So if I keep turning my wheels faster and at different speeds when it clicks is when the wheels react to the of the change in speed.

There’s a video I uploaded to show. Thank you.

Are you still having the shaking issue, or did your repairs fix that problem?

I know very little about how front wheel drive’s operate in this regard, but possibly it’s some sort of limited slip component that you’re hearing? When the car is driven, both wheels are going to be turning at the same time, in the same direction, and at (relatively) the same speed. Maybe the sound wouldn’t be present if you could spin both wheels at the same time? Just a thought, I may be way off base.

The shaking did go away a little bit but it has come back making me suspect the other cv axle. It is shaking when accelerating the entire car shakes it feels like.
Don’t know if this relates but when I was moving both tires really fast and then went to slow it down slower the entire transmission seemed like it shook but not sure if that means something.
Sometimes if I am changing speed, like hitting the brake then suddenly having to hit the gas pedal I will hear this noise while the car is driving.