Car Clicking!

Recently i have been noticing that whenever i make a left or a right turn, my car makes a clicking sound from the front. Its like either my bearing are giving up or maybe the front axle is trying to tell me something. But the thing is it only happens when i make a turn from dead stop and if i give a little harder than usual (revving upto 3500 rpm) accelerator. The car is 2002 Mazda 626 with almost 93000 miles on it. But the thing is that other than the turns there is no noise whatsoever from the front. And even when the front is clicking, it will be two or at the most three clicks and then it will be all gone. Do you guys think i should start saving money for the axles or for the bearing? Any rough ideas how much should i expect to pay for the repairs? I will greatly appreciate that. Thank you all in advance. Cheers!!

I am going to guess CV joints. Did it start clicking when making right or left turns and now is clicking both ways? If so that’s a very good description of a CV joint.

Bearings generally make other noises.

I agree. This is a classic description of the noise CV joints make when they are dry and starting to wear out. Inspect the CV joint boots on the front axle, especially the outer ones. If they are cracked, torn, or missing, there’s your answer.

actually it started with a single click while making a left turn with heavy acceleration few weeks ago, but there was no sound afterwards. Last night i made a right turn and heard two clicks and then i made a left turn in the same trip and it made the same two click. Thanks for replies fellas.