Helpppppp! honda accord

my 90 accord will not start and has no power to distributor or fuel pump but has new main relay, car cranks all this after hit a ditch, replaced too many parts already dist/fuelpmp/main relay/ ohh and when the igntion switch set to on only one light comes on. please help

Keep following that voltage. Do you get voltage to the main relay? To the ignition switch …

When you say it does not start, exactly what do you mean? Does it make any sounds when you try to start it? Has the CEL come on?

Click on this wiring diagram , go to Fig. 37, download, and print for your electrician. He can go to each component to see if it’s getting electrical power in RUN, and START.

I tested the forwarding url to Auto Zone Web page. It didn’t connect for me. Anyone else having this problem?
Medinami, go to, repair guides, wiring diagrams, chassis electrical, click on Fig.37, maximize, print out.