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Transmission problem

I have a 2000 jeep cherokee,with 100,050 miles, in the cold morning days, transmission hesitate a little to shift from 2nd to 3rd gear. but after driving for a few mintues the shifting problem goes away. What could be the problem??

The first thing to do is check the level & condition of the transmission fluid. This is a common symptom of low fluid. If you find it is low, you should then find the leak and have it fixed.

When cigroller says to check the “condition” of the fluid, he is implying that you need to evaluate both the color and the odor of the fluid on the dipstick, as well as the level of the fluid. The fluid should be reddish in color, rather than brown.

Brown fluid is an indication that the vehicle needs to have the fluid changed immediately. Another negative indicator is a “burnt” odor. For servicing, be sure to AVOID AAMCO, Lee Myles, Cottman, Mr. Transmission, and any other chain operation.

If the transmission fluid is a good color and odor, and you only need to add some, be sure to use the same type of transmission fluid specified in the Owner’s Manual. Using the wrong type of fluid will give you a whole new set of problems with the transmission.

However, you do need to monitor the fluid level frequently since there is a leak taking place somewhere. Be sure that the level does not drop below the full mark. If there is a significant leak, then you need to have a shop investigate the problem, but once again, DO NOT go to a chain transmission shop.

Thanks. I checked the fluid and color, both were good. Someone told me that I probably need to change the filter and that might help it. I took the jeep to a local transmission shop and he wants to check the transmission on his diagnostic system and before he can tell me what’s wrong and how much it’ll cost to fix it…

Depending on the reputation of this shop and their charges for diagnostics having them run them might not be a bad idea.

How have you been about maintenance on this transmission? Has it ever been serviced? If it has been serviced regularly (pan/filter every 30-50K) then I’d probably go with the diagnostics.

Either way, I would have the pan & filter done now. If this local shop has a good reputation I’d have them do it to start building a relationship w/ them. Note that this doesn’t ever “fix” a transmission. The reason that it can help symptoms like this is that many of the trans functions are controlled by fluid pressures in some tiny little passages along with some pressure triggers for electronics control. Keeping the fluid clean helps keep things from getting gunked up.

But, especially if you (or the prior owner) have neglected maintenance on this trans don’t be surprised if it is on its way out.