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Helping my Brother over the Phone

Is there a trick to disconnecting the fuel-line from the filter on a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am? Output side. I’m in a rush and in a bind. Thanks.

Your filter probably has a quick connect fitting that requires a special tool to spread the connector to remove it. Most auto parts stores will have the tool, looks like pliers with curved ends.

Thank you so much for your quick response. That’s what I Thought, But over the phone it’s hard to be sure… Also… in PS… Thank you to those who have helped me in the past. I don’t always get back to you… But I appreciate all the input and support.

A pair of needle nose or even just a pocket screwdriver will work. Normaly you get at least half of the quick disconnect plastic pieces with a new filter. It is easier to do this job if you first unscrew the threaded side of the filter.

You must compress the plastic tabs completely then pull the line free of the filter.