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Pontaic grand am 1999 fuel filter

Do I need a special tool to take out my fuel filter from my 1999 pontiac grand am? It seems to be stuck!

Forgot to add that the engine is a V6. Tried pinching it on the inlet side like my manual says but could not get the filter to pull away from the fuel line. It has a black 4 section plastic part between the filter and the fuel line. If that description helps.

Don’t feel alone in your struggle to get the “snap” part off,they at times give me fits also and at times come right off. I have found to get the threaded side detached and out of the way, then the tabs must be depressed at the same time and the filter pulled away. Is there anyway you can have a friend do the pulling on the filter while you do the depressing of the tabs part?

Some people have the required dexterity to do both all alone with no trouble,I am not one of those people. Don’t you get some new pieces of this plastic connection with the new filter (either the inner tab part or the outer housing part?) If yes you may use these new parts to your advantage.

No special tool that I know of,just whatever works.

Try by squeezing the tabs, push toward filter, and pulling back. Then, there’s squeezing the tabs with a water pump pliers and pulling back.

I may be wrong, but I believe on one end, you’ll remove that plastic piece and the line will slide out, on the other, you need to use the special tool that slides down inside the unit to release the fingers clamping the line to the filter.

Thats a FORD (perhaps others) set-up Benny. I have used what you describe on FORDS but not GM.

You’re right oldschool, my bad. I guess I have only replaced ford fuel filters for some time now. GM filters have a different set up.

Ok, so I need to press all 4 tabs at the same time? Man I hope that’s it. I spent way too much time on it already. The new filter has the white tabs that go on the inside. No new black outer 4 tab piece. Thanks for the help. I’ll let ya know what happens.

My mind pictures pressing on 2 tabs.