Ford fuel line quick disconnect trouble

I am having a problem getting a fuel filter lose from the quick disconnect on the fuel line. The vehicle is a 1995 F150. I inserted a disconnect tool into the quick connect on the tank end of the filter and disconnected it with no problem. I can not get the tool to go as far into the quick connect on the engine end as the other end. I have tried to use a screw driver and a wrench to force it in. I can move the connector back and forth of the fuel filter a little bit. When i rotate the filter it makes a scraping sound and a few clicks. Is there a way to get the filter out, so i can put a new one in?

Same size line on both ends? Just asking because some are not and require 2 different sizes of the tool.

If the tool fits without any doubt it could be that the spring lock is not the problem. It may be hanging on due to hardened O-rings.
Even with the tool working properly it sometimes takes an act of Congress to weasel the thing loose.