I have a 2001 ford explorer sport that is idleing very low, when braking for stops or turns it will die, most of the time i can put the car in neutral and it will start right back up. the plugs and wires have been changed, the fuel filter and injector changed and cleaned, and it has a brand new air filter, and O2 censors. Can you tell me what else might be wrong??


Check engine light on?


was it doing this prior to your putting new plugs, wires and filter on?

or is this since then?

is the cel on?


Since this is a Ford, the first suspect is the Idle Air Control motor.



That was my first thought too.


Third for the IAC. The test is if it will keep running with hust a little bit of the accel. pedal. In my experience, with the IAC going bad, it will take a little accel pedal to start it again so I am not as sure as I might be.


We had a plymoth van a few years ago that did the exact thing, fairly cheap part(IACV) & should be easy to replace.