My '00 Ford Explorer dies when idling

Hello guys,

My 2000 Explorer has had trouble idling lately. The car starts up fine, but the engine will dies right after easing off the gas… any ideas?

The problem might be with the Idle Air Control motor.

This component is mounted on the throttle body. And it’s function is to allow enough air into the engine to allow it to idle under all conditions. One way to determine if it is the IAC motor is, you’re able to prevent the engine from stalling by slightly stepping on the accelerator.

You could have the IAC motor removed, and have it and the idle air bleed port cleaned with throttle body cleaner. Sometimes this restores the function of the IAC motor. If this shows no improvement, then IAC motor probably requires replacement.


Almost certainly the IAC valve. BTW, you are not supposed to have your foot on the gas when starting an injected vehicle. If this is necessary, it is almost certainly a problem with the IAC valve.

Did I mention that you probably have a faulty IAC valve?

You can get the spray cleaners for the iac valve, the MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor, and the throttle body. The cleaner sprays are available at your helpful auto parts stores. Use all three type sprays. They could help. And, if the spark plugs have been in for millions of years, change those, and the air cleaner.