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2001 Ford Explorer

I tried to start my Explorer, it started but will not idle. It took several attempts to get it started. Can you help?

How many miles on it. When was the last time your drive it and when was the last time you filled the tank. Did it recently get cold where you are? Have the plugs and wires every been replaced? When was the last time the air filter and fuel filter were replaced? Had it had any history of problems? Is there a CEL (Check Engine Light?

Do you mean it took several attempts to get it so it would idle or do you mean it took several attempts and it still will not idle? Any unusual sounds?

I have not replaced the fuel filter or any plug wires. The tank is 1/2 full, I changed the oil, air and oil filters 3 weeks ago. The CEL is lit only at startup.

Will it run alright if you put just a little pressure on the accel pedal? If so, it is probably the IAC valve.

You have to do a little routine maintenance before you can start on any repairs. To begin, change the spark plugs (which are original, aren’t they?), and the fuel filter (also original?). Then, we can talk about the engine coolant temperature sensor (ect), idle air control valve(iac), the throttle position sensor(tps), the egr (exhaust gas recirculation) system, and other neat stuff like that which can have an affect on engine performance.