Fuel problem

The car starts and runs ok. Whenever it comes to a stop. it dies. I replaced the fuel filter but the problem still exists.

Assuming the engine is fuel injected (you didn’t tell us the year), check the Idle Air Control (IAC) valve and its control circuit.

Along with mcparadise I don’t assume that you have a fuel problem (why do you assume that?). I assume that you have an air problem.

What is the idle like when you first start it up? What happens to the idle (if anything) if you hit the brake pedal firmly?

What happens after you have come to a stop and it dies? Does it start right back up? If it does, will it sit and idle smoothly if you don’t have your foot on the brake?

I’m sorry. It’s a 2002.
When I first start it, it idles fine. Each time it dies, it starts right up again. If, in heavy traffic, I have my foot on the brake, it idles rough and dies. I have to put it in neutral and hold the accelerator down slightly to keep the RPM’s up so it will stay running.

Sounds like the IAC (or Idle Air Bypass Valve as Ford sometimes calls them) to me too.

Thanks, that did the trick.