2001 Honda Accord howling sound

MY 2001 Honda Accord makes a howling sound which varies with car speed; not noticeable below 35-40 mph. Now 57k miles, but has been there for several years.

Could it be the tires?

That was suggested by the mechanic who did my wheel alignment. I’m too cheap to replace otherwise perfectly good tires, so I guess I’ll find out when I eventually replace them, if there’s no other answer.

It could a lot of other things, but worn tires, especially if they’re unevenly worn, are notorious for making lots of road noise on Honda vehicles.

Thanks. I would love for that to be the solution, rather than something mechanical.

Is the noise coming from the back tires? it could be the bearing, my car(2001 accord) had the same kind of noise, it was driving me nuts, the faster i go the louder the noise was, i took it to the shop they changed the bearing and voila!

Thanks for you reply. At about 45,000 miles, I had a Honda mechanic check it out and he said if it was a wheel bearing, it would get much worse before it failed. At this time, if anything, it’s slightly better, which makes me hope it’s a tire issue. How many miles did you have when you replaced the bearing? I can’t tell where the noise is coming from, although it seems as if it’s somewhere in the drive train. Did you experience any vibration? So far, I haven’t. My Honda’s been a great car otherwise. I’m now trying to decide when to replace the timing belt. The same Honda mechanic said they don’t replace timing belts on my model until about 95,000 miles, even though the manual says you should do it after 7 years. What do you think?

It’s TIME to change the timing belt. Your mechanic is wrong. (Ouch!!).
A shield may be rubbing against a brake rotor. It’s just thin sheet metal. Bend each 1/8 inch from the rotor.

i have 170,000 KM ( not miles) before i have the bearing replaced; actually it was rear drive side one, maybe that was why i didnt experience or feel any vibration. for me sometimes i had the feeling that the noise was gone but it became worse.If i was you i will try to locate where the noise is coming from.
Regard the timing belt : it’s time like “hellokit” said; if i’m not mistaken it should be changed at 95,000miles or 7 years which ever come first.