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Cabin noise 2003 Accord Ex

This is becoming my personal puzzler. I have an 03 Accord EX with 90k miles on it. The car is perfect except for a worsening loud hum in the cabin while driving. It’s way beyond distracting, it’s mind-numbing! The tires were new last year and I’ve only put about 3k miles on them. I had them rotated and balanced and finally - last ditch effort - I replaced them! The noise is still there. Any advice? Thanks, Jeff

Accords are notorious for road noise, and are sensitive to tire type and tread pattern.

Did you replace the tires with the same brand and model, or with something else?

Did the noise start with the tires you bought 3k miles ago, or was it there before?

How long has the noise been there? Has anything helped reduce the noise?

Thanks for responding. Different brand of tire - I went from Bridgestone to Cooper after I found out the Bridgestones are very loud in general. The noise was present, but hardly noticeable, before the Bridgestones. It’s been increasing over time. Nothing has helped reduce the noise, it’s to the point where it’s no longer driveable.

Thanks again,


When it is safe to do so swerve to the left and back to the right. If the sound “changes” when you swerve then you [likely] have a bad wheel bearing.

That’s strange, I found Bridgestone tires work quite well on my Accord. They’re quieter than any other tire I’ve tried.

I suppose it depends on the model.

Has anyone checked for a bad wheel bearing?

I suspect your wheel bearing. My Subaru had what I thought were inordinately loud new tires (Continetal Extreme Contact DWS). I found out Subaru was covering the rear wheel bearings way past warranty due to high failure rate my year(2005) and they replaced at 95k miles. Car is nice and quiet again, peace.

I will say one thing that is great about Bridgestone is they design the tires to stay at same sound level throughout the treadlife. Many tires simply do not do this. Nothing but great luck with regards to sound with Bridgestone Re92’s, Blizzacks, RE960’s(love this tire) from brand new to worn almost to bars(2/32")

It doesn’t sound like your tires, perhaps wheel bearings. I am having similar problems with Yokohama tires which have about 40k miles. Dealer has advised all tires are “out of round” and need to be replaced. I expect I’ll revert to Michelin. Good luck.