Where's the darn trunk release?

We recently purchased a 2006 Volvo S60 without an owners manual. We can’t seem to find the inside trunk release. Our remote does not work. We cannot seem to get an answer from local Volvo Dealers because they are profit driven and want us to come in so they can sell us service and when we go online to ask a mechanic, they want to charge us $14. Can anybody help!!


Frustrated in Florida

If you visit the dealership, I really don’t think that they will charge you any fee to simply walk out to your car and show you where the trunk release is located. I can understand wanting to avoid superfluous fees, but I have never heard of a dealership that did not provide little bits of assistance like this gratis.

Incidentally, you definitely need to obtain a manual for the car.
Just as you don’t know the location of something like a trunk release, I can guarantee you that there are other features of your car that you either are not familiar with or do not understand as completely as you should.

And, then there is the issue of maintenance. If you don’t have a manual, how will you know when certain maintenance procedures–such as timing belt replacement–are due?

Many car manufactures now have online downloads of their manuals available without charge, so you might want to check Volvo’s website for this possibility. If this is not available for your model, then you might want to check e-bay for a low-cost used manual.

Get that Owner’s Manual!

My cousin’s 2000 S70 has the truck release under the armrest on the driver’s side door. Look to the left side of the door pocket.

Volvo dealers are very expensive for service. Start looking for a good independent mechanic that specializes in Volvo cars. You’ll need him soon anyway so you might as well take the car to him now. He’ll be happy to orient you to the car. Since it is new to you, I’d recommend lots of fluid changes; trans, brakes, coolant, etc. Without a manual you likely have no service history on the car.

Some Volvo’s require frequent tune ups (plugs every 30K miles) and there is likely a timing belt and if you are close to 80K miles you could be due for a new on soon. This new mechanic might be able to make some useful suggestions on what the car needs now to minimize problems in the future.

Use the internet and search. I found it in seconds at


Good find. But, I read through the whole thing, and all I found was how to open the trunk with the remote, or the key from the outside. Did I miss it?

And, there is a place where it tells how to set it in valet mode so the valet key will open the car and start the car, but will disable the trunk lock.

I may have missed it, but having an inside trunk opener would defeat the valet function. My guess is there isn’t one. Feel free to make me look stupid, it happens now and then.

I’m not familiar with the Volvo, but I have seen cars where the inside trunk release was a button inside the glove compartment. This would make sense if the valet key will not unlock the glove compartment, but allow the car to be unlocked and driven.

It’s on page 75 on the site wentwest posted.

You sound just like a dealer. How about an answer to my question??

You win -That’s the answer!! As you can see some of the responses were from people who have self serving motives, so it took awhile to get to a real person who was willing to share knowledge. Thank You

No, I am not a “dealer”.
I am simply a person who firmly believes in the concept of personal responsibility.
I gave you practical suggestions, but you merely wanted to be “hand-fed” an immediate solution, rather than realizing that what I said is true.

As the old Chinese proverb tells us, “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime”. I was attempting to teach you how to fish.

It is sad that my attempt was met with an inappropriate response. Unless you do obtain an Owner’s Manual and maintenance schedule, I predict that you will be back here in a few years with a question such as, “is it worthwhile to replace the engine in my Volvo after the timing belt snapped”.

Just use the key , the old fashioned way.
You have to get out of the car & walk around to the back…yes, outside.

‘Self serving ?’ I don’t think so.
Many posters here want to help but may not know Volvos first hand, myself included.
So therefore we’d need to do some research to answer your question.

----- the same research you should do ------------- ( quite possibly not free )

Yet you’ve already made one major mistake.
You never buy a vehicle without the owner’s manual. Period.
Your next mistake, expecting or even demanding it be free.
If you bought it from a dealer, they owe you one.
From a private party, juat ask them where it is AND it’s the very next purchase ( not free ) you must make.

Please remind us again. How much did you pay for the help you recieved here?

Pro Tip : When you ask someone to do something for you that results in personal gain on your end and nothing but effort on their end. You really don’t have any room to complain if the result of the other person’s efforts run afoul of your delicate sensibilities.

With that attitude, it’s no wonder douglasR couldn’t find anybody that wanted to help him.