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73' Chevy Nova (rear window trim)

On my 73’ Nova, there is chrome trim going around the perimeter of both the rear and front window. On the rear window I succeeded in taking off the bottom two pieces, but now I cannot figure out a way to get the rest of it off. It is shaped like this _


so that a part of it is under the window.

I gather you are trying to save this piece.

I don’t want to point you in the wrong direction so I’ll point you in this one:

Once you’ve registered (free) just locate the section you need and ask away.

Nick, Are you having any luck finding a car club to join? I would be a great source of information for you and you do sound like a person that would enjoy a car club.

Is auto shop offered at your High School or Community College?

To tell you the truth, I would love nothing more than to take Steel Center Vocational school in the morning and go into auto mechanic cluster, but that severely limits my possibilities in school. So I settled for planning to be a mechanical engineer, and I plan on specializing in aerospace. (I had actually planned on going to Wyotech for quite some time, but I guess I don’t really believe that will provide me with a suitable salary, so cars will stay as a hobby that I enjoy)

What type of salary range did Wyotech say was possible for one of their graduates?

Some people would say that “settling to be a mechanical engineer” when their dream was to be a auto mechanic is backwards.

Even keeping cars as a hobby requires a basic level of training.

Have you done anything to get to a basic level?

The thing that started it all for me was magazines,I was car magazine crazy, and a Chiltons manual was my bathroom reading material.

You’re probably going to need a tool such as this to remove the trim from the rear window.


I know this is a little off topic, but do you know how I could find a chrome plating shop in Pittsburgh, because i have been having trouble finding one, i even used Google maps, turned up mostly industrial chroming shops.

Let us know what Wyotech says is possible pay for its graduates

It has a fact on there that says “The average yearly wage of a collision repair technician in 2004 was $43,000, according to BodyShop Business magazine, July 2004” which is less than the around 50,000 that I could make annually with a 4-year degree in aerospace engineering, and because of the America’s desperate need for engineers that are U.S. citizens, there are job opportunities everywhere. So I’m pretty sure I’ll keep cars as a hobby, and maybe later on I could look into getting some basic training.