HELP PLEASE Source of passenger side rear view mirror w/warning system and installation

I have a Nissan Altima 2012. I want to get a rear view mirror with the warning systems to alert to drivers in the right lane etc. Can anyone recommend one and a garage to install it properly? Thanks!

Nashsnana is in Peabody MA.

These are called blind spot warning mirrors. And unless the vehicle came equipped with this feature, there is no aftermarket source for this type of mirror.

When a vehicle comes equipped with this feature, and the mirror senses an object, the body control module causes the steering wheel to vibrate and/or a warning system to go off.

If Nissan came out with this feature for your vehicle in 2012, that would be where you would have to go to get this type system installed.


I searched the owner’s manual and I did not see any reference to a blind spot detection system, so I do not believe it was available for this car. There are aftermarket blind spot detection systems available, but it appears to be a fairly involved installation.

Crutchfield perhaps?
I’ve not yet done any research but they seem like my first choice for an add-on like that.

First of all, they are not rear view mirrors. They are side view mirrors. You don’t need three mirrors to see behind you, unless you are driving a delivery truck, and delivery trucks usually have two rear view and two side view mirrors.

You should be adjust the side view mirrors to cover the blind spot beside you. If you adjust them properly, you don’t need a blind spot detection system, you will have 360° visibility. Here are the instructions and these are recommended by NHTSA.

Delivery trucks usually have 2 rear view and 2side view mirrors ???

Translation would be two flat and two convex mirrors. I hope.