Extra wide rear-view mirror used by Police and trucks

Saw this in Hammacher catalog but sure it can be bought for half the price from a good online automotive parts store:


The No Blind Spot Rear View Mirror.

This is the rear view mirror used by police officers and professional racecar drivers to eliminate blind spots. The patented, seamless mirror has a 180? field of view (standard mirrors offer only 52?) that provides a distortion-free reflection of rear traffic across an entire five-lane highway, and it allows continuous monitoring of adjacent vehicles from the moment they begin to pass until they are visible in your peripheral vision. The mirror automatically reduces the headlight glare of trailing vehicles by 50%, clamps to your existing rear view mirror without requiring the use of tools or adhesives, and is entirely shatterproof. 15 3/4" W x 2 3/4" H x 3/4" D. (10 oz.)

Duty Free to Canada- Click for details

Item 74978 … $59.95

Available for Immediate Shipment.

Here are some selections at JCWhitney.com: http://www.jcwhitney.com/Interior-Clip-On-Panel-Mirrors/600015497.jcw

Sounds like it might work. I use a small bubble mirror stuck on each outside mirror. I can check both sides,there are no blind spots. I got tired of cranking my head which is also dangerous because while you are looking back, you can’t see what is in front, and I drive a lot on long distance.

After I got used to these things, they work very well for me. And yes, you can see anything up to your peripheral vision.

I do not ever again want a car without those things.

Properly set your exterior rear view mirrors:
Driver seat lean left till your head contacts the window.
Adjust the left mirror until you can just see the left side of the car rear quarter.
Lean right to the center console.
Adjust the right mirror until you can just see the right side of the car rear quarter.
Test by watching overtaking cars rear mirror appear in left/right mirror.