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Help please identifying part piece

While trying to figure out what is wrong with our vehicle, we found a piece of a part.

It got too dark to try to figure out where it came from, so I thought maybe someone would recognize it. Thanks in advance.

I doubt if you will get an accurate guess . But as someone posted on one of your other threads is might be time to just give up on this thing .

Hopefully it will be easy to find where it broke off.

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I can’t give up because we are almost out of money. The cars we find in our price range are just as bad. And we can’t finance because we can’t afford payments.

We are taking the bus and it really sucks walking over a mile to get to the bus stop in this weather.

My WAG the tensioner for the serpentine belt.

Does your Jeep have the V6 engine?

My guess is it’s a piece of the thermostat housing.

Probably be better to start with what is your vehicle doing that makes it a problem? Doesn’t start, overheats, stalls, etc.

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I think you are right. We are going to check tomorrow. The shop did replace the thermostat before it went really downhill.

It started as a leaky radiator that never overheated and after it was worked on, it turned into overheating, misfiring, stalling, hard brake pedal, and no heat.

One shop replaced the radiator, water pump. We got it back and it overheated. They then replaced the thermostat and temperature sensor. It wasn’t until after this that the brake and engine problems began.

The next shop didn’t replace anything but said it passed the test for a head gasket–no emissions in the coolant as I understand it.

We will check that too. He did replace the belt when he did the water pump.

Plastic is used on many engine fan motors so check to see if it is loose. Power steering pump?

What is the problem that caused you to investigate and find that broken part and where approximately was the part located?

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See post 9 or thereabouts. All will be revealed.