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Jeep repair Advice

I have an 06 jeep commander. V6 3.7 , it over heated and I heard a pop sound and the car died. My husband replaced the radiator l, which had 3 cracks in it. The valve cover had a hole which when it would start it shot out oil. The vehicle won’t start the valve has been removed and the left head is broken. My question at this point would any one know of an estimated cost I would be looking at to repair the car? As well as do You even think the vehicle is worth fixing? At this point I have to decide ASAP so I can get the money together to replace the car or fix it. Thank you

Based on what you describe, a use motor might be the only way to get some more life out of this machine. Don’t try to fix the motor in the vehicle; it’s not worthwhile.

+1 to Docnick’s advice.

Agree with above and even though your husband seems to be quite handy, this one is probably over his head.

If the vehicle has an automatic transmission, the vehicle not only requires a replacement engine, but probably a replacement transmission too.

Because when the engine overheats, the transmission also overheats.

You sure you want to put that kind of money in a ten year old vehicle?

Because unless you’re able to do the repairs yourself, the parts and labor to get the vehicle back on the road will probably exceed the value of the vehicle.


Agree. Several thousand anyway if you can find a good used engine.

A used engine as mentioned by Docnick would be the best option but even that carries risks. You need to make sure you’re on the same page with the shop about warranties and who’s responsible for what if things go sour.

The reason being that a shop has no idea if that used engine they’re installing is excellent or worn out.

This vehicle still has value, if you don’t have it repaired the next owner will.

A used engine will cost $2000 to 2500 plus fluids and additional parts. Labor will be 12 to 15 hours. Expect to pay $4,000 plus to repair this. If only the radiator was replaced at the first sign of leaking.

Try for a used engine. Perhaps your husband is handy enough to do the swap. He’s obviously somewhat talented with a wrench.

+1 to all comments.
However I would think that if hubby were up to an engine swap he would have realized there was engine damage before changing the radiator. I could be wrong.