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HELP! Need Shop/Repair Manual for AM General Light Delivery Truck (FJ8?)

Purchased an '84 AM General postal truck and am in need of an owner’s manual or EVEN BETTER the shop/repair manual!!! I’ve been digging through blogs and all kinds of website redirects to no avail! If anyone knows where I might find this elusive bugger PLEASE help me!!! Thank you! (:

I would suggest that you try Hemmings Motor News, which is a monthly magazine featuring–among other things–ads placed by people who are selling parts and other items related to older vehicles. Even if nobody is advertising that they have these manuals available, you could place an ad, stating your desire to buy these manuals. Hopefully, someone who has these manuals would read your ad and respond.

If you can’t find Hemmings Motor News at your local retailer, a visit to the nearest Barnes & Noble book store will allow you to find this publication.

Ask at your local P.O. where the vehicle maintenance facility is in your area…It’s usually a fairly big operation. They will have the service manuals for your prize and perhaps will allow you to make a copy…

Caddyman’s suggestion is a good one.
Give his approach a try, and if it is not successful, then you might want to try my suggestion.

Thank you both soOoo much!!! (:

You can also check the Hemings classifieds on line:

Click on Books and Literature and then Manuals.

There isn’t anything for you today, but there might be another day. Also try eBay Motors.