Manuals needed for Dodge Ram Pickup 250, Year: 1988

Hi. My friend is looking for both owners manual and repair manual for his Dodge Ram Pickup, Year: 1988. Does anyone have them handy as pdf files? Would be great if someone could help me/us. Thanks guys!

Gisli from Reykjavik, Iceland.


I just checked, and the dodge website doesn’t have pdf owner’s manuals that old.

Even though it would be more expensive, I believe ebay would be a good place to look for hard copies of those manuals. I’ve always found it handy to have a physical book to flip through . . .

Thanks db4690 for the heads up and for checking on the dodge website; hadn’t thought of that yet! Yes, hard copies are always better especially when working on car repairs. Will check ebay.

Have you checked Haynes/Chiltons for a repair manual? Also Ebay for factory repair manual.

I’ll do that, texases. Thanks!

'86-'92 Not much changed with Dodge Trucks…The big change would be when they abandoned the carburetors and went to Carter TBI…

@alloutnow … another source if you can’t find the info you need is your local public library. It may have the applicable Haynes or Chiltrons manuals you can look at in the library, or maybe even check out; and, even better, it may have the applicable set of “Motor” manuals,( or the other equivalent compreshensive repair manual-set who’s name I can’t remember right now). Anyway, these are sort of an abbreviated-for-the-working-mechanic manufacturer’s shop manual for your make/model/year of vehicle. It’s what an experienced mechanic needs to know with the other prose mechanics already know deleted for brevity.

I think there are vendors – maybe even Dodge has this service – where you pay a small fee for use of the computerized version of the vehicles shop manual for a day. (This is the manual that in an ideal world you (or the original owner) should have purchased when they purchased the car, since that is when it is still in print.)

Even better if your local public library offers this service is the “All Data” computer data base. It is sort of like all of the the"Motor" books, all 100 of them or whatever the count is, put into a single computer. You just sign on to the computer at the library , enter the name/model/year/engine & then choose the system you need repair info for, like “cooling system”, etc. Hope you find what you need, best of luck.

Chilton’s has the manual online for a fee ($15 or a month, $25 for a year), ebay or one of the used book resellers such as Powell’s books have the paper versions also.