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Help identify silicone lubricant

I am rebuilding an old Bendix power brake assist unit. The manual specifies to use silicone 200 si lubricant only. Other lubricants can damage the seals.

Does anyone know what this is or how to find a commercially available substitute?

It should be available at your local hardware store. I am not sure about the “200 si” part but I know they carry silicone lubricant. Just check the label closely.

Perhaps the Bendix site might have the info.

Ed B.

I just searched their sight and they didn’t have anything for “200 si.” They did have results for “100 six,” but those results were not helpful.

I would call Bendix customer support for clarification.

I bet the damage they’re worried about is from hydrocarbon-based lubes, so an high-quality full-silicone lube should be fine. (should, remember…)

Silicone SI is a food grade silicone. You got a can of PAM cooking spray?


PAM is just canola oil and water with a propellant or some kind.

PAM used to contain silicone. They must have removed it. Then here’s another silicone spray that’s a food grade.


Grainger also carries food grade silicone, web site or possibly in the store.