Rubber Lube

I googled this and well lets just say I didn’t get any automotive related links.

Anyway, what do you guys use on squeaking rubber bushings. I used to use dishwashing liquid with a little water.

Silicone spray.


I second that Silicone spray most of the time. Dish detergent is OK when you are trying to fit parts together, but it dries to a sticky mess.

Sil-Glyde (available at NAPA) or Shin-Etsu silicone grease will last much longer than a spray, but to lube a bushing that can’t be readily dis-assembled, you need to use a syringe gun:
I have one that’s air powered that I use in my work, but I can load the disposable cartridges with anything I want to and put it anywhere I need to. It works great on door hinges and latches with white petroleum grease.

Thanks for the replies, this is for installing new bushings. I have been leaning toward a dielectric silicone grease. I know this grease is 100% silicone, I’m not sure of that Sil-Glyde being silicone. I can’t see where it claims that there is any silicone in it. I may go with the spray instead though.