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Brake seal lube for rebuild

Should the pistion seal and boot be lubed with brake fluid only during a caliper rebuild? My Mazda Manual calls for “appropriate grease”. There is a small packet of red grease in the OEM rebuild kit. I assumed that was for the slide pins.

The text book I recommended to you in your previous post that asked for the title of a “general” automotive text indicates silicon grease to be used on the “boot” and rubber grease to be used on the piston seal. I am working off a exploded view of what products to use on a caliper rebuild the view is courtesy of American Honda.

Using brake fluid is not called for. Both lube products should come in the rebuild kit. The Honda diagram calls for the same silicone grease to be used on the caliper pins as used on the piston boot

I would use NOTHING but brake fluid on the piston seal…