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Sodium silicate

I saw this posted by Tester but I need some info. I need to use this on a V6. How much do I use? Any viscosity or other detail? What is the procedure to use it? Do I add it to the coolant or empty it?

On a V6 engine add 6 oz to the coolant. Start the engine and bring the RPM’s up to 1200 and run it there until there’s no more steam coming out of the exhaust pipe. If the coolant leak is into the crank case, don’t bother trying this method as the bearings in the engine are probably already shot.


If you have any old chicken bones you may want to arrange them in front of the vehicle, I hear this can help with “difficult” examples.

Good Ju Ju is always appreciated.

Thank you Tester. We need a quick fix and lack the funds to “properly” repair it. Guess some people have never been in that situation. We used Steel Seal on another vehicle and it lasted more than four years.

Try what Tester recommends. It just might work. Many years ago this stuff saved the radiator in my Mazda long enough for the rest of the car to completely rust out from under me!!! Still ran great but had the “Fred Flintstone” floorboards (or lack of).