Silicone vs. DOT 3 brake fluid- low use car

Is silicone brake fluid (dot 5) OK to use in a low use vehicle?

Would bleeding the brakes every year or two prevent corrosion from water build up in the system using silicone break fluid?

I have a 1976 Triumph TR6 I have owned since 1982 with 35,000 miles in excellent condition. I am rebuilding the brake system next summer (master, slaves, front rotors, pipes and pads). I only drive this thing about 150 miles per year. I want to use silicone brake fluid so I don?t damage the paint in case I get a leak with dot 3 brake fluid. I have heard a lot of controversy about using silicone brake fluid and I wanted to get your opinion. My concern is that using silicone might cause more damage from corrosion on a low use vehicle.

You cannot use a silicone brake fluid in a brake system designed for a glycol brake fluid. The rubber components aren’t compatible with the silicone.


I have been using silicone brake fluid for the last 10 years in the brake system of this vehicle and it has not appeared to damage the rubber seals (certainly no leaks). The brake fluid I use is bought from a Triumph parts store and recommended for this vehicle. Assuming the rubber seals in this car are OK for silicone brake fluid, which would be better for a long term, low use vehicle?

If you are getting away with using silicone brake fluid in the vehicle, then by all means use it. It doesn’t absorb moisture from the air as DOT 3 & 4 brake fluid does. But check the dust boots around the caliper pistons and the wheel cylinders. These are the rubber parts the silicone brake fluid attacks.


[i] I want to use silicone brake fluid so I don?t damage the paint in case I get a leak with dot 3 brake fluid. [/i]  

Will everyone who has experienced this paint problem, please raise their hand?

we use dot 5 in many older cars that are not driven much. we have no problem with it

I use DOT 4 in every vehicle I own and never had a problem with it…Brake systems are sealed against moisture, including the master cylinder, so you will die from old age before enough moisture finds it’s way into the brake fluid to do any harm…On stored old cars, the rubber hoses rot before the fluid degrades…

If I use silicone, how often do I need to bleed the brakes and/or flush the brake system? Would you recommend I use silicone or DOT3?