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Help catch ‘Em! Identify this SUV for me?

This SUV smashed in my girlfriend’s garage door and then sped off. Any idea what year, make, model it might be?

I you are wanting to catch them to possibly press charge’s show the picture to the police they would have better luck to identify it than we would.

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Contact the police quickly so that they can inspect the station wagon before it’s repaired. There must be damage where it hit the garage door.


Looks like an early 2000’s Toyota 4-Runner to me.


Well first, they all look the same and second there are a zillion of them anyway. Having once tried to track someone down the same way, I’d say forget it and just put your energy into fixing the garage. There would be virtually no chance of ever actually charging the case and that still would not fix the garage. They are not going to do paint chip analysis and so on unless someone was killed in the process. It’s just a garage.

It sounds pretty random that a car would pull in a drive and hit a garage door then speed away, Perhaps consider it is not random, and think of who or why.


I agree on the early 2000-ish 4Runner.

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Looks a lot like a 3rd gen 4 Runner

A garage door can be expensive so check and see what the home owners insurance will cover .

Heh heh. I think I probably mentioned it before, but the next door neighbor had a drinking problem and went through a lot of jobs. He happened to get a job where my dad worked 50 miles away so they commuted together for a little while. The guy somehow must have snuck a bottle past the guards or something and was two sheets to the wind driving home. He got to two houses down from his house and proceeded to attempt to drive into the garage, but there was already a car in it. He kept bumping the car in the garage trying to get in as my dad ran out and got his wife to retrieve him. I’m not sure what would have happened if the door would have been shut. He might have known it or might not have. So just another possibility that the guy got the wrong garage, realized it, and got the heck out of there.

It’s not really funny and it was a sad deal watching him deteriorate. He had a nice family. Daughter married the future Sheriff and helped save my life one night. Just a sad deal. Stay off the booze, pot, pills, etc. is all I can say and maybe paint your house a different color than all the rest.

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Definitely a Toyota 4Runner. That particular shaped model was 1995-2002.

In fact, going by the rear bumper, tail light, wheel arches, wheel spokes & number plate surround I’d say that’s a late 90’s model. Yes, I know this era Toyota! Sad sad nerd.

I think Elvis has left the building but next step is to buy a print-out of all of them in a 5 or 10 mile radius and start inspecting for damage.