Help ID Knocking Noise From Rear Right Wheel

For a 2012 Ford Escape. A couple of weeks ago, I started to notice a fairly loud knocking noise from my rear right wheel. What’s unusual about it is that it only happens when actively accelerating (it completely stops when I remove my foot from the gas. I don’t need to apply the brakes.) and it seems to start up at around 20MPH and then speeds up with acceleration until it stops at around 30MPH. I have noticed no other symptoms such as vibrations, loss of power, difficulty steering, whining, pulling, or grinding. I also haven’t noticed anything leaking from that area, either.

Any help pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!

Have someone inspect the brake shoes and hardware for that wheel.


I believe that Escapes of that vintage had a problem with the strut mounting area of the body rusting out.

I had the brakes worked on not too long ago. Could that have caused the issue?

Have someone check the work.


Could just be a rock or pebble has found its way into that wheel. If so moving that tire to a different location will cause the sound to follow.

Could also be an exhaust pipe hitting something as you decelerate, especially if you have bad motor mounts.

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To follow up on my previous comment:
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