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'02 Intermittent front-end knocking

About 9 months ago I started to notice an intermittent knocking noise coming from the front-end of my Escape. I’ve had it in to two different mechanics but unfortunately because the noise is intermittent they could never duplicate it. Regardless, new struts, strut mounts and replacing a left motor mount were recommended so I did those in hopes that it would maybe solve the problem, it didn’t. So now I’m in search of ANY other possibilities I should explore or have our mechanic look at.

Here’s more info about the knocking:

  • intermittent, but I hear most often when stepping on the accelerator at around 30 MPH. And if I’m going up an incline. I don’t hear it over speed bumps.
  • Sound appears to be coming from the middle and passenger side of front-end
  • Oddly enough, I didn’t hear the noise when I had my snow tires on this winter. As soon as the regular tires were put back on I hear it again. Perhaps this is where I need to focus? Could the wheels have something to do with it?

Have someone check for a worn inner CV-joint.

The inner CV-joint is the plunging joint. This is what allows the axle to change length while going over bumps.

But you can’t lift the vehicle where the suspension is allowed to hang. Because this moves the inner CV-joint away from it’s normal position at ride height. So it may not show a problem.

Instead, the vehicle is lifted on it’s tires.

This allows the vehicle to maintain it’s normal ride height.

Now grab the half-shaft and wiggle it to see if there’s slop in the inner CV-joint