Knocking Noise Front Passenger Wheel

I have a 2003 Ford Escape 2WD. I have noticed a intermittent knocking noise when I brake coming from the passenger front tire. [I can even feel the knocking] I sometimes occurs when I make a right hand turn, and excellerating. It’s only for a few seconds and stops. I had the tires, shocks and struts replaced but they couldn’t find the problem. I do use tire cables when I go up in the snowy mountains. I did notice the last time that the cable came loose a bit and about a 3-5" piece was loose while I was driving. Could this have caused the problem? Also is this something I have to get fixed ASAP?

I would look at the wheel bearings and transaxle as a starting point. A stitch in time saves nine, but when it fails the problem will be more evident.

I would check the caliper and brake hose to see if it is sticking.