HELP... I lost my Bose button!

Out of sheer desperation I’ve come here! I truly need a #5 button for my 1996 Maxima bose radio. I tried some nissan forums but they all seem to have heavy restricions for newcomers and proved to be of no use whatsoever! Clarion wants to sell the entire face plate! I know there are plenty of broken radios out there that would be willing to part with one of their buttons but I’m having a hell of a time finding one! Normally I can find just about everyting I need on the internet but this time I’m stumped! If anyone can point me in the right direction you would make me oh so very happy!


Here’s a photo:


I can’t believe I sent the wrong photo link… I’m such an idiot!!
Try this one:

Have you looked around your local auto recycling facility, a.k.a. “junk yard?”

And are you sure the button isn’t still somewhere inside the car?

I had the same problem. What you want to do is take the radio out, you have to the the ash tray out and you will find a screw take it out and there are couple of others you have to look. Then when you have the radio out disconnect the power for 5 minutes
then plug it back in this should reset the radio then it should work…

My cd does not work on mine!