Worn Radio Push Buttons on my 2001 Honda Accord

I have a 6 cylinder 2001 Honda Accord. Some of the radio push buttons are badly worn. My wife has a virtual twin to my car and radio push buttons are fine. I was told by the dealer that Honda does not make replacement push buttons for my car. Is there an easy inexpensive fix for this problem?

Look on ebay for a replacement OEM radio. It may be quite inexpensive dependendent on supply/demand.

Don’t know the type of buttons but sometimes they’re cleanable. If it’s the push pad over circuit board style buttons, as with many I’ve worked on, take the radio out of the car and dis-assemble the face plate from the chassis. From the back of the face plate you sould be able to take off the cucuit board and see where the push pads contact the printed circuit ( like two sets of fingers facing between each other but not touching. ) An Electrical circuit cleaner like you get at RadioShack is mild enough to clean both the bush pad and the printed circuit. Don’t get too rough with the push pad side because they depend on the carbon coated surface to make the contact on the printed circuit. When you have it apart you might notice that your push pads no longer have any coating on them from years of use and is therefor the reason they don’t work and then justifies replacing the whole thing.