Bose radio stopped working


I have a 1996 Nissan Maxima with a factory Bose stereo system. The entire Bose radio/tape unit will not turn on.
The strange thing is that I could get it to work by cutting the power to the unit (removing the fuses AUDIO and ELEC PARTS for a few seconds and plugging them back in).
However, it would stop working the next day or even after a few minutes or few hours with the car off.


22 year old car radio stops working. Sort of a “dog bites man” headline, don’t you think?

Time to replace the radio.


The factory head unit from that year Nissan is made by Clarion. The speakers may be Bose, but the head unit is Clarion. It’s actually a fairly decent unit. Your best bet is to go Aftermarket from someplace like


I’ve run into issues when replacing a Bose System head unit, because the amplifiers are associated with the speakers rather than in the head unit. If you are looking for a cheaper way out it is often possible to find original equipment functioning head units on Ebay that are exact replacements for your car. It’s a bit of a risk because you don’t know for sure that what you are buying is in good shape, so be careful.


Places like Crutchfield have replacement systems that take all that into account.


Sounds like an ideal opportunity to get a new aftermarket unit that has BlueTooth and Android Auto or Apple CarPlay capability.


Outside chance the car’s battery is behind this issue? I’d look into that before digging into my dashboard!


I’m sure Crutchfield has compatibles, but I was throwing in another option. We never really know the economic situation a person is in, or their ability to use tools to perform repairs. While a used part from another Nissan isn’t the best performing choice it is cheap and should be easy to install.


If the person is unskilled, then they better get someone to help him with a used unit. There were several flavors of head units for that vehicle…better get the right one, or you’re wasting your money.