Setting clock after changing battery

Had to replace battery, normally would push the sound button till it beeps—then hit #4 preset button to set hour,etc. Well, my sound button does not beep and my clock display just keeps flashing, Help! This problem is on a 2006 Honda accord V6.

Does the radio come on at all? Is it asking for the code to unlock the system from theft mode?

I’ve had a similar problem w/resettng the clock on my early 90’s Corolla. Sometimes the buttons get a little sticky, you know you eat an ice cream cone and some gets on your hand then on the button, and this all prevents the button from moving smoothly and making a good single brief switch contact when you press the button. Clean off the button area w/some a cloth sprayed w/a little windex maybe, then again a clean dry cloth. If there is gunk remaining between the edge of the button and the faceplate, carefully clean that out with a toothpick. Does that fix it? If not, try holding the button down a little longer and pressing slightly harder. Worth a shot anyway.

Try pulling the 2 fuses for the radio or disconnecting the battery again for a short while. It sounds like the radio got its little brains scrambled and may need to be reset.

Is this the procedure you are following?