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2010 Subaru Outback - Where do I start?

Seek button on radio is stuck

is the button itself stuck? I mean, can you see it physically staying in? Or Is it more of a “the button popped back out, but radio is still seeking?”
If the button is physically stuck, you can try a little bit of silicone spray to see if it unsticks. Soda or coffee may have gotten in there and gummed it up a bit.

honestly, either way it may just be time for a new radio.

May or may not work, turn off ignition, hold down power button on radio, turn key to on or start engine, then release power button. On some radios, this will start a reboot sequence. If you have a CD and the above doesn’t work, repeat but holding down the CD eject button instead.

My fist response is usually whack it (not the button itself)if that does not work replace it.