1998 Honda CR-V AWD

My 98 CR-V is now making a metal on metal ticking noise. The noise only occurs when the car is in motion. The noise seems to occur about every two revolutions of the wheels when moving slowly; I can’t determine if the ratio holds true at higher speeds. The noise seems more prevalent when standing on the car’s passenger side, but not significantly. The car has 225K miles.

Can you please help diagnose the sound?

Can you provide any tests that would allow me to identify/eliminate potential suspects?

Thanks for your help. This is my first car talk post. So, if I violated any car talk community etiquette, then please let me know.


My first guess would be a CV joint on the axle nearest the noise. Have you ever had them replaced? Does the noise change when you’re turning?

There is little you can do to violate any etiquette around here, other then trying to sell something. Just asking for help brings out the best in the “Cartalk” community. I second @texases and looking at the cv joints first.

Yep, sounds like a constant velocity joint to me, too.

Another simpler item is your brake is sticking/dragging. Also sometimes a stone/pebble gets jambed into your brake between the shields etc.

This vehicle needs to be put onto a lift or jack stand to figure out the source.

Good point, @andrewRA - even simpler, a rock stuck in the tire tread.

If it’s a CV joint, it will likely be much louder when making a hard turn one way or the other…