Help corvette trouble

Wikipedia has a good article on the 912. I have no expertise on that make/model other than having ridden in it as a passenger. That particular version was equipped with race car seats and race car seat belts. It seemed to have a lot of spirit, held corners much better than my VW Rabbit. I expect it would be hard pressed to win a new Camry in a 0-60 mph time trial now though.

That sounds “a bit” elitist . . .

Pretty funny for Porsche enthusiasts to snub 4 cylinder models. All early Porsche’s were 4 cylinders that could be swapped right back into the VWs they were based on

Aaah yes the Porsche and Corvette life “mile markers” to indicate to others that you have finally “arrived”. Arrived where I’m not certain, but the vast majority of people need to be told what is cool and those told what is cool dont always understand the genesis of what makes a make or model significant or “cool”…

Such is the case with a lot of Porsche-o-files… I sold my 914 2.0 fuelie a few yrs ago back when it was still just a VW…they have moved up in the world since. But no Porsche person should ever even think to snub the 4 cylinder “less is more” ideal of Ferry Porsche…lest they miss the point…and thus become instantly uncool.

Wasn’t this supposed to be about a stalling Corvette? If this vehicle isnt doing this on purpose i.e. the security light being illuminated… I’d look into the fuel pump relay… maybe pull it and swap it with one similar…or even bridge terminals 30 and 87 to see what the pump does.

I thought the 356 was pretty much above reproach . . .

But apparently those elitists that @shadowfax mentioned don’t consider it to be the real thing

Personally I’d be all over one. Especially a 356A Speedster.

But a lot of the performance heads don’t like it because it isn’t “fast.”

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Fast can fun but, driving a vehicle to its and your limits will make you smile much longer…even at half-fast speeds.

I wish I woulda know my 59 Bug was really a Porsche. I drove it to the limit. It was on the floor on the highway all the time. 70 mph down hill and 65 up hill. Never got stopped for speeding once.

Is that the model James Dean was driving when he had a bad crash? I saw a replica Porsche Speedster for sale a couple months ago, $25 k, was thinking of James Dean at the time.

You know what the saddest car on the road is these days? IMO anyway. A Porsche SUV. It’s just such a sad, sad thing that the world has come to Porsche resorting to making SUVS.

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Nope. That was a 550 Spyder.

Almost sadder than the Porsche SUV is the new one from Lambo. :confused:

“Elitist” is a good way to describe a 911 owner. Most turn their noses up at the Cayman, even though the Cayman handles better than the 911. “But it isn’t a 911…”. Maybe they are trying to justify the extra $30,000 they spent.

My recollection is that all Porsches were 4 cylinder until the 911 came out.


Yes. The Porsche 912 was the 4 cylinder model of the 911. A cheaper, entry level 911 before the 914 came about.

Depends on how the 356 is outfitted. The Porsche Furhmann 4 cam engine could be bought in the 356 Speedster. That complicated little 1.6 liter 4-cam gem pumped out 160+ hp at 8000 rpm in 1958 in the 1738 lb 356A Speedster. That is 10 lbs per horsepower. So people really should consider them “fast” because they are!

Now a 1959 718 RSK - the competition Porsche, only weighs 1250 lbs with a 1.5 liter, 150 hp engine for 8.3 lbs per hp. Comparable to a modern base engine Corvette.

I believe you are correct

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Much like. How will you know there is a pilot at a party you are attending? They will tell everyone.

what pilot?

what party?

I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re referring to :confused:

I had a friend with a 912. It was a much less expensive 911. I drove it a couple times. The 4 cyl was low on power but it seemed to handle fairly well.

Everything I read seems to indicate the 912 was built to the same quality standard as the 911 at the time. Apparently, it came with less standard equipment, fewer gauges, etc. But I also read that many 912 buyers did in the end buy highly optioned cars

If I were in the market for an older Porsche 4-cylinder . . . and I’m not, because I was never that interested in the brand . . . I believe I’d choose the 912 over the 914. A 356 is absolutely out of the question for me, from a financial stand-point

I know it’s comparing apples to oranges . . . rear-engine versus mid-engine, but the 914 was essentially the successor to the 912, near as I can tell

In my opinion, the 912 is also better looking, versus the 914 . . . but that’s subjective

Elitists prefer to be called purists.