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Starts and than dies

My car runs great except occationally after I drive awhile, park and than restart to continue, it starts right up but stalls out 20-30 seconds later. I turns over but will not run. I have to let it sit for 30-45 minutes and than it starts up like a champ. I suspect fuel pump but would like an expert opinion. Garage says they can find nothing wrong and to bring it in when it happens…duh how do I do that.

It sounds like your car is losing residual fuel pressure. There are a few things you can check or have the repair shop you take your car to check. First, install a fuel pressure gauge inline so vehicle can run, shut vehicle off to verify there is a drop in residual fuel pressure. You’ll have to look at a repair manual to see what the specification is for pressure drop allowance. Possible causes for loss in fuel pressure past the connection in the engine bay from the fuel pump are a leaking injector/injectors or a faulty fuel pressure regulator. If the regulator is vacuum operated, make sure you have sufficient vacuum at the regulator. There may be a check ball in the fuel pump or fuel filter. To check if you are losing pressure before the engine bay, install the fuel pressure gauge with the inline valve closed and try to start the vehicle to allow pressure to build and observe fuel pressure. Hope that helps. By the way, it’s starts “then” dies