Help corvette trouble

Having trouble starting my 2005 corvette Here’s my problem
Cranks and starts for less than a second then shuts off
Link is for video through apple iCloud

Don’t let any Corvette people see you write Corvette without a capital ‘C’.

I don’t mean to sound disparaging . . .

Every Corvette owner I’ve personally known is CONSTANTLY telling everybody they own a Corvette

I mean every single day

And they always find a way to bring it up, even when you’re not even talking about cars

even when talking to complete strangers, they seem to steer the conversation to their Corvette, often times not so subtly . . .

Again, I’m just reporting what I’ve observed firsthand :smile_cat:


I, like many here, am reluctant to click on an external link to a file. Can you describe the issue?

I was like that when we had our 1989 C4 Corvette Convertible . Not so bad now but I still manage to talk about it once in a while. But I will tell people I have a 1/24 diecast version of every series - C1 though C7.

Does it crank ok, that rrr rrr rrr sound with key in start, but it won’t catch and run? Or is this fails to crank?

Cranks but will start for less than a second and then shuts off
Thinking it’s the fuel pump that’s the problem

Ask you shop to monitor the fuel rail pressure during starting. That will confirm/deny fuel pump involvement. If you feel lucky you could try replacing the fuel pump relay on a flyer. It might be balky when starting the engine, but works ok once the engine is started. In that case the reason it starts at all is b/c the fuel pressure residual from the last time it ran still has the fuel rail pressured enough for it to run briefly. A faulty crank position sensor could cause this too. A shop could easily do a test to tell you if the ignition system was shutting off after one second, leaving the spark plugs spark-less. The fastest path to a solution is to first determine if the problem is fuel or spark related. It is very likely it is either one or the other. If you could figure out how to do it safely you might could spray starter spray into the air intake as this problem was occurring. If it continued to run longer that would confirm not enough fuel was getting into the engine.

shuts off, as when you release the key from start to run ?
It only runs with key in start position ?

I’d think ignition switch is bad

I’m not sure on this model but many GM cars have a fuel pump test connector. This is usually located near the ECM. A jumper wire from the hot side of the battery can be routed to this plug as a test procedure. Small red wire with a black plug I’m thinking?

If the pump and car runs fine then you know the issue is a fuel pump controls problem; not the pump itself.

I’m not familiar with the antitheft system on this car, but some act like this with antitheft system problems.

That has been my experience, also.
Years ago, I would have to be in meetings a couple of times per year with a guy who owned both a Corvette and a Cadillac. No matter what we were supposed to be discussing in our small group buzz sessions, he would manage to mention that he owned a Corvette and a Cadillac.

A test gauge is less than $30 on Amazon.
Autozone may rent you one.

Apparently you’re still like that.

I kid! I kid!

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I must not have known anyone who owned a Corvette. I don’t recall anyone making a point of owning one. One of my relatives bought one, but that was just to make his wife mad … lol … once he showed her he could make her upset, point made, he sold it. hmmm … I guess I had a high-tech friend who owned an older Porsche 912; he seemed to enjoy to talk about the optimum methods to tune the engine, why the carburetors had to be a specific make & model (“they MUST meet Dr. Porsche’s original design specifications!!”) , stuff like that. He didn’t seem to talk about it just to prove he owned it though.

Wasn’t that the one that could talk the talk, but couldn’t walk the walk . . . ?

I think it had a 4-cylinder . . .


I’ll just confess that I have never owned one. Once I thought I wanted one but then heard about all the odd ball stuff like expensive tires and brakes and just didn’t think it was worth it. On a regular Chevy though when you turn the key on, the pump runs for a few seconds and when the car starts the computer signals the pump to keep running. So if the car starts, seems to me the pump is ok, but the computer is not being told to run the pump or is being told and is ignoring it. I think the assembly test connector on my Buick was green but yeah it’s right there sticking up. Can’t remember and my Buick has been turned into a refrigerator for a long time now.

Yes. 100 HP, 2000 pound curb weight, good weight distribution, and racetrack handling was the claim. Popular as a rally car.

sounds a little bit like the Porsche 914 . . . which was considered by many not to be “the real thing”

After all, in europe it was a VW, yet here it was a Porsche . . .

Was the 912 also considered a poser? . . . at the time, I mean

As far as I know, the 912 was always badged as Porsche, that wasn’t in dispute, correct?

Everything was the same as the 911, except for the powertrain, correct?

A lot of Porsche guys I’ve talked to consider anything that isn’t a 911 or 959 a poser. And the 911’s are only legit if they’re from the pre-water-cooling era.