What is up with my '85 Corvette

I placed my Corvette with a consignment seller this summer. When he had no action, I took the car back but…battery dead. Fully recharged it, car started immediately (first time in 2-months) but then died and will not restart. My ace mechanic has replaced fuel pump, distributer, but no fire. Indication is weak/no signal at he injectors. Could this be residual Theft Prevention system? I had that fail years ago and I pulled the module and the car has done fine for 4-years, until now.

What do we have here???

What you described is a classic symptom of a fuel kill switch operating. You start it, and it runs until the fuel in the lines is used up.

And that would be where? "Cause if it’s hardware, I never put it there. If it is part of the infernal security system, then I really need to know.

1981-1988 were the dark years for Detroit…Ignition and fuel systems were in a state of constant change…The emissions controls were add-on junk…

Is there spark getting to the plugs? Will a shot of ether (starting fluid) get it to run momentarily?

The VATS system was first on the 1985 Vette. The resistor in the key could be out of tolerance causing the no start condition.

First thing I’d do is what @Caddyman suggests: try some starting fluid. If nothing, then it’s ignition/key/immobilizer. If it tries to start then fuel injection issues…

Done all that.

There is weak spark and weak pulse to the injectors. I had the Security system do a meltdown 2 yrs ago and pulled the module which cured the issue. Battery went fully dead before I put a slow charge on it, overnight, and it started immediately – but only ran for about 15 sec, and just died. Nothing else sense and no common cures work (fuel pump, distributer)