Help! Cars breakin down randomly and i dont know why

So recently my truck broke down, i had figuredit was the fuel pump, but after some tests, realized it wasnt. Ive replaced the starter, the battery is good, amd i cant see what else it could be. Can it be trash in my fuel tank? Do i need to change the fuel filter? Does anyone have any idea what it might be? Please lmk if you do. Thanks

More information needed. What do you mean by breaking down? Stalling while driving? Failing to start? What is the year, make, model, and engine of the truck?

I don’t speak text talk and don’t want to. What the heck is (lmk) ?

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Let me know

let me know (I surmise, from the context.)

YT? (Ya think) Oh well. You are jumping all over the place with battery, starter, fuel pump. Car won’t start its fuel, spark, or if the starter doesn’t turn the engine over either the starter or battery. So if the starter works, do you hear the fuel pump running for a few seconds when you turn the key? If not you’ve got a pump problem. It’s best to do a fuel pressure test though and that will tell you if you have good fuel pressure or a restricted filter. The other thing you can do is test for spark to rule that out either with a spark tester or a spare spark plug grounded against the engine. Of course can be 50 other things but the basic fuel or spark is where to start after you figure out the starter motor works.

Pay for a diagnosis…Our guess is as good as yours at this point which sounds more expensive (throwing more parts).

Apparently, the OP has been “throwing parts”–at random–in an attempt at fixing the problem.

As was stated by MadRiver, it is time for a professional mechanic to diagnose the problem. Just be sure to avoid chain-run places such as Midas, Meineke, Monro, Sears, Pep Boys, or–God forbid–AAMCO. Ask neighbors and coworkers for recommended independent mechanics in your area.

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Failing to start
99 Silverado 1500 5.3l v8

So the engine will turn over but not start up? Need to check for spark and fuel like Bing mentioned.

Is the check engine light on? Any codes?

If the engine is cranking OK but just failing to start, try holding the gas pedal to the floor for 30 seconds before cranking, then with your foot still on the floor, crank it and see if it starts.