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What to do

truck dead like not getting fuel.

had new fuel pump,new senors new plugs new fuel filter dealer things it needs new injectors but not sure wants 1,100.00 but isn’t sure that’s problem,oh also ruled out computer

Providing some info about what kind of truck you’re talking about and might help in formulating a few guesses.

If the shop thinks that a new set of injectors will cure a no-start condition then they’re wild guessing. This could be especially true if they’re the ones who replaced all of this other stuff in an effort to cure a no-start.

year, make, model, mileage would be helpful

2002 chevy silverado
no truck broke down in small town 2 local mechanics worked on it both are stumped So I had it towed to a dealership they at first said it has to be the anti thieft computer .today they say no it’s not that .I have over $900.00 into this problem already and no results

Sorry it has only 84,000 miles oil changed every 3 000 miles it hasn’t ever given me any problems never acted like any thing was wrong

Tough spot to be in. There’s not enough info known to narrow this down very much.
Check Engine Light on?
Has anyone bothered to scan the truck for codes?

What were the circumstances behind the truck quitting or not starting?
Just simply failed to start or died abruptly while going down the road? Any sputtering or coughing; either at the time or currently?

What needs to be determined first is if the problem is related to lack of spark or lack of fuel and apparently none of the people involved with your truck have made an effort to determine this. They’re simply throwing mud at the wall and hoping some of it sticks.

An '02 with only 86k miles should not have anything seriously wrong with it amd save your money on the injectors. That is another WAG on their part.

Sorry I’m new at this .
just came back from a 70 mile trip nothing wrong .I go to post office for mailcome out truck won’t start .dash lights light ,no check engine light .
mechanics say scan doesn’t show anything wrong.
never sputtered or anything thats what is so strange if it had acted up before I would have had it fixed .it acts like as if there is no gas no eeer eer when i try to start just dash lights come on but it’s dead.can’t keep putting money into truck if I were to let them put injectores in I would have sunk over 2 grand into this problem plus I have been without my truck for 2 weeks now

Just to clarify something. When you refer to the truck simply not starting and being dead with the dash lights on do you mean that the engine is not being physically cranked over by the starter motor or that the engine is rotating but will not start or cough/sputter?

These guys are guessing because of those things you mention a fuel pump is the about the only one that could cause a no-start.
If there’s confusion as to whether it’s spark or fuel related they should simply squirt a shot of carburetor cleaner into the intake manifold and see if it starts for a few seconds. At least that would narrow it down on the spark/fuel issue.

These guys are guessing because of those things you mention a fuel pump is the about the only one that could cause a no-start.

True but why would anyone swap it out as a guess when the diagnostics are so simple to perform to guarantee it’s the pump beforehand? This stuff always amazes me. No matter how complicated cars get, it still comes down to fuel, spark and compression. Some simple diagnostics (like your starter fluid suggestion) can save hours of frustration and hundreds of dollars of incorrect parts.

The idea that all of the injectors failed simultaneously and need to be replaced does not pass the stink test. Get the truck out of there as fast as possible, these guys are clueless…

It’s always amazed me that some techs will simply start replacing parts rather than spend a little bit of time trying to verify something.

Many years ago while working for a small town new car dealer I got an opportunity to fix a car that had suffered something like this. The car in question was an 80s era Olds Cutlass; just like new with only 30k miles and running badly.

The shop had performed a tune-up, carb replacement, fuel pump replacement, along with half a dozen thermovalve and EGR widgets being replaced. The last diagnosis was “the cylinder head valves are out”. And on a 30k miles one-owner car?
At this point, after several weeks and hundreds of dollars, the car owner said whoa.

I hooked it up to the Sunscope, started it up, and instantly there was the firing line on No. 8 going to the top of the scale.
The problem was nothing more than a completely dead plug wire which had in turn caused the new plug in that cylinder to go dead.

Replaced the one plug and one wire only and the car ran like a new sewing machine.

I am amazed that the Service Manager’s don’t put a halt to this type of work, It never works out well, we always got back-flaged for a incorrect diagnosis, if it happens to much your gone, it was just not allowed to happen at the Dealers or garages I worked at.

Used to be the service manager was one of the sharper techs who rose through the ranks. Now, it seems, the person with the least technical knowledge is the manager. Good at pushing paper but not skilled enough to know right from wrong. I suspect a lot of them are measured by the dept profitability and so they could care less as long as it doesn’t come back.

their is some great information on this would think they would be able to diagnosis this a few hundred dollars sooner.just like was mention in threads about spark/fuel .let us know what happens


Why are you shouting at us? :wink:

Make sure you get your terminology right. It helps everyone to understand the problem. No one in their right mind would spray carb cleaner to solve a no crank problem. Cranking is the act of the starter motor turning over the engine. Starting is when the engine starts running on it’s own. If the engine cranks but does not start, then you might try spraying carb cleaner into the intake to see if it will attempt to start. If it does, you know it is likely to be a fuel delivery problem.

It’s your money. I’d be livid if they were wasting mine guessing. Especially since they don’t appear to have a clue.

If the original problem is nothing more serious than a refusal by the starter motor to crank the engine over (fine one minute, dead the next) then someone at the shop may have a lot of egg on their face if the problem is discovered to be nothing more than a battery cable end, junction terminal, or faulty neutral switch.

Sorry I wasn’t shouting I had my puter on caps and never noticed till I was finished so sorry .
All you folks have been gerat will keep you posted for sure.

You need a good, decent, mechanic. Your friends, associates, neighbors can help you find one.