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How can I check my fuel pump?

My 2004 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 won’t start ,I guess there is something wrong with my fuel pump,but i am not sure . help~

There are a lot of things that can prevent a vehicule from starting.Does the engine turn over but doesn’t start? What is happening when you turn the key?

Use FP tester.

+1 to @COROLLAGUY1 , why do think the fuel pump is the problem? Give us info on the truck, mileage, recent maintenance etc. Have you checked for spark? Is the check engine light on?

If you believe the reason the engine won’t start is because there is a fuel delivery issue just spray a small amount of starter fluid into the air intake and see if that makes a difference in the starting. If the engine doesn’t react to that then check the ignition area for a problem and make sure power is getting to it. If the engine does respond to the spray then first make sure power is getting to the pump when you try to start the engine. Sometimes you can hear the pump motor prime when you turn the ignition to the ON position to verify the pump is at least getting power.

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I replaced my fuel pump, but it’s mechanical, so my experience isn’t too valuable. I eventually figured out the fuel pump wasn’t putting out enough fuel after eliminating everything else. I paid $27 for a new one, installed it myself. Could he put 12V on it and see if fuel arrives in the injectors?

If you test the fuel pump and fry it, you could end up with a problem that is unknown plus a bad fuel pump. It may be better to tow it in and let some mechanic fix it.

I have never seen anyone “fry” a fuel pump while measuring the fuel pressure, it is a basic diagnostic procedure.