02 camaro

anyone know how to replace a fuel pump properly, or diagnose fuel problems

fuel problems

Sounds like you need a repair manual - basic, bare-bones for $20 (Haynes or Chilton’s) at an auto parts store or factory manuals for $100+

Maybe you should describe the actual problem with the car - since it sounds like you’re a little lost. I.e. you’re asking how to replace a fuel pump and how to diagnose a fuel problem at the same time. First diagnose. Then replace parts as necessary.

The most basic thing you need to do is put a fuel pressure gauge on it - and know what the pressure spec is for the car (which would be in a repair manual).

i broke down yesterday, it bogged for a mile , then the engine died completely, tried to start it , starter cranked but no start, popped the hood ,checked fuses which were good, checked the gas lines on top of the engine which have two nozzles on them with a pin in the middle when i pushed the pins with the ignition key in on position no gas was sprayed like it should, i also took off the air filter sprayed starting fluid into the combustion chamber with the lid partially open and cranked it, wanted to start but didn’t , also the fuel filter has never been changed with 147000 miles on it,

With not ever having changed the filter odds are the fuel pump is in sad shape even if it’s not the cause of this problem.
I’m not a fan at all of using starting fluid for testing something like this. It simply evaporates too fast. Try some aerosol carb cleaner and leave the ether for the diesel guys.

There should be a fuel pump test lead on the right (passenger side) of the engine compartment and near the A/C accumulator area. A single red wire if I remember correctly. Run a small jumper wire from the battery positive terminal to this lead and the pump should run and provide pressure. If not, the pump is faulty.

Now, the bad thing about changing the fuel pump is that it’s a pretty heavy duty repair. The tank must be dropped out but this can only be done when the exhaust system is removed (may require some cutting, depending) and the entire rear axle must be dropped down.
If you do this yourself you’re advised to have someone to help.

(When you remove the old fuel filter drain all of the gas out of it and allow it to dry for an hour or so. Then try blowing through it. With a good filter you should be able to blow through it very easily. If you feel a restriction the filter is clogged.)
Hope some of that helps.