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Help car won't start

I have a 1997 Nissan 200sx se 2-D coupe 1.6L that won’t start, has been sitting in yard for over 2-3 months now, it has a brand new battery, new spark plugs, new distributor and spark plug wires, new o2 upstream sensor (also have downstream but hasn’t been installed), regular car maintenance done, and just changed the vapor canister purge valve solenoid, I’ve checked the spark plugs to see if spark goes through (all 4 good), fuel pump makes hum when turning the switch, fuel line checked and fuel pressure is good, new air filter but the car still just clicking when switching on ignition. I’m thinking it might be the starter because it’s the only thing I didn’t put on, I paid a mechanic for one and ran some errands and came back after he put it on or the alternator but I don’t have the tools to test them.

Wow, you spent an awful lot of money on parts when you should have spent a little money on a volt meter.

If it was my car, I would take the starter off and have it tested, but the fact that you paif a mechanic to put it on, tell me you should have this towed to a shop. This should be an easy diagnosis for a competent mechanic.