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96 Nissan 200sx won't start

Hi Everyone,

We have a 96 Nissan 200sx, and just had the starter replaced less than six months ago. when we first turn the key, nothing, not a sound. After a few turns, it’ll start to ‘move’, and we’ll hear a sluggish rrr from the engine, like it’s trying to turn over. After a dozen or more turns, during which time the aforementioned engine noise grows in intensity, it may finally turn over, and run normally. Anyone have any idea what this might be? I’m suspecting the starter…

Check the battery connections to ensure they’re clean and tight.


The connections look pretty crusty, but all the instruments light up very well when the key is in. They are on very tight.

The instrument lights don’t draw much current. So if there’s a poor connection at the battery these won’t be effected. But when you go to start the engine, the starter draws a lot of current. And if there’s a poor connection at the battery, this is where it will have the biggest effect. If the connections are crusty as you put it, it means the battery terminals need to be removed so that the clamps and posts can be cleaned. And that should fix the starting problem.


Thanks I’ll try this now…