1997 200SX won't start

The car won’t start. It sounded like the battery was dying when we tried to start it the other day. We went and got a new battery, but it didn’t help. It has a new altenator, new starter, new timing chain and it’s also had a transmission rebuild all within the last 4 years. I’m not really sure when the spark plugs were last replaced. Could this be the issue? Does anybody have any other ideas? I’m trying to avoid another large auto shop bill. I can’t justify spending much more on this car. It’s not even worth all the money I’ve put into it.

You need to clarify “won’t start.” First you said it sounded like the battery was dying so I assume that means it is cranking over but only very weakly? That kind of slow, tired sound?

But then you got a new battery. Now does it crank over very strongly but won’t fire up? If not, did anyone check the voltage on the new battery. While they should come off the shelf charged enough/near a full charge, most won’t be.

So clarify what the car is actually doing with the new battery in it and then people might know where to start in terms of suggestions.

It cranks over but only very weakly and it won’t fire up. Changing the battery didn’t change this problem. The battery wasn’t checked for voltage when we bought it unfortunately. I know that the connector cables are pretty worn and I was going to make an appointment to have them replaced.

You said it right there…you need to know how many V you have at the batt… NEXT AND SUPER IMPORTANT are the batt cables and connections…they must be clean and tight…ALso follow the ground wire from the batt to frame…clean and tighten… IF you have those CHEAPIE…add on “ends” on your batt cables…take them off and inspect/clean the wire to the clamp…all must be clean, robust and tight…

The other thing is the positive wire TO the starter…clean and tight? Catching a pattern here? LOL…

After tending to all of that try to get a jump start…did it start? Did the starter spin forcefully and not like molasses? REALLY need to know your batt voltage…but the cleaning of the clamps n connectors is MASSIVELY IMPORTANT…DO IT REGARDLESS OF getting the car started.

That should do you…IF it does not… Might possibly be time for a new starter motor…they do wear out…but they dont have a hope or prayer w/o a fully charged batt…and GOOD CONNECTIONS…EVERYWHERE…


Thank you. I think you’ve made yourself perfectly clear!! I will check all the wires and replace the cables and terminals. I’m hoping it’s as easy a fix as that!

Replace as needed…hopefully its just a cleaning and tightening…but if you have cables that look like they need to be swapped…then the situation under the hood is worse than I thought… By all means replace as needed.